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recycled metal art

In 2014 I was asked for the final time “When are you going to start making your metal art available to the public?”. Before then my making of recycled metal art was reserved to necessity, freak bikes, charity art auctions, and gifts. Now these creations are open to the public. I do take commissions large and small if they fit into my style of creation.



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About the artist.

I’ve been working with bikes my entire life. In the late 90’s I learned how to weld and started making mutant bicycles. For years I made tall bikes, swing bikes, side cars, choppers, and more. In 2008 I moved to Tucson and began working with a bicycle collective called BICAS. It was there that I started making more functional and artistic pieces for their annual art auction fundraiser. Starting with lamps, I created a prolific number of lighting displays. Over the years, shortage or abundance of certain parts pushed my designs in various different ways.