2 Coat Hooks

2 Coat Hooks


These are hooks made from side-pull brake arms and steel cogs. The cogs vary is size from about 3" - 4". There are are also two different kinds of hooks made from either side of the brake. Most people want just the "J" shaped hook, so that what I send.

If you want hooks that are painted the shipping time will increase by several days because my studio isn't that warm and it takes time for the paint to cure. Working to solve this ASAP

If you choose the 'Unpainted' option you will receive hooks that have chrome brake arms and neutral metal cogs. They are clear coated with lacquer to prevent rust.

If you need mounting hardware mention it and I will include 4 screws, finish washers, and drywall anchors.

The hooks are pretty strong and they've held up to having a large backpack and several coats piled onto a single hook. I haven't tried hanging off one yet, mostly because I haven't anchored one to a point strong enough to hold my weight.

The bicycle parts used were salvaged from Toledo Bikes!. A bicycle co-op in Toledo, OH that puts the education of mechanical skills and recycling of bicycles & bike parts as part of it's mission. When parts are no longer usable they end up in my hands before they would go to the scrap yard. Many of these parts have lived a life all their own and now their story will live on, providing further function and joy in people's lives.

These metal pieces are coated with several coats of lacquer to prevent staining of clothes and to prevent further rust. If this is going to be kept outside or in a place of extreme humidity and do not wish it to rust you can re-coat it with spray lacquer from the hardware store at the first sign of rust spots.

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