Floating Corner Shelf

Floating Corner Shelf


Cute little corner shelf. Rounded edge makes it more aerodynamic and almost safe. I have a couple already made in a few sizes. The ready made sizes range from 8" - 11" sides.

These shelves are made to order. The curve is dependent on the size of the rim. Let me know the dimensions you are looking for. This price is for a shelf with sides 11" or smaller. Also If you would like mostly chain, mostly cogs, or including other bike parts let me know.

If you have questions about mounting, I'll do my best to answer them.

The bicycle parts used were salvaged from Toledo Bikes! It is a bicycle co-op in Toledo, OH that puts the education of mechanical skills and recycling of bicycles & bike parts as its mission. When parts are no longer usable they end up in my hands before they would go to the scrap heap. Many of these parts have lived a life all their own and now their story will live on, providing further function and joy in people's lives.

These metal pieces are coated with several coats of lacquer to prevent staining of clothes and to prevent further rust. If this is going to be kept outside or in a place of extreme humidity and do not wish it to rust, you can re-coat it with spray lacquer from the hardware store at the first sign of rust spots.

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