Bottle Opener Keychain

Bottle Opener Keychain


Made from an old school downtube shifter. This model is nice because the shifter could be drilled out to use as a key chain. The options are pretty much Suntour, Shimano, and unnamed shifter arm. If you have a preference let me know and I'll see what can be done.

Keep in mind these are salvaged shifters. With that being said, don't expect for Campy, Dura-Ace, or other high end levers available being chopped up to be bottle openers. If you have parts you want turned into art let me know. I don't get a lot of high end parts to weld with, but I can turn your steel bicycle parts into something useful again.

The bicycle parts used were salvaged from Toledo Bikes! It is a bicycle co-op in Toledo, OH that puts the education of mechanical skills and recycling of bicycles & bike parts as its mission. When parts are no longer usable they end up in my hands before they would go to the scrap yard. Many of these parts have lived a life all their own and now their story will live on, providing further function and joy in people's lives.

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